E-Commerce Fulfillment Process

E-Commerce Fulfillment Process

After a customer clicks submit order there are multiple steps that take place after that. Getting to know the process will help you be able to choose a E-Commerce Fulfillment center that will better suit your needs. 


The first step in the fulfillment process is receiving your company’s inventory.  This is the beginning of the process and will need your inventory in order to start shipping out your goods. Receiving refers to the incoming inventory and then put away in storage. Once we receive your inventory, we will be able to log them into our system. At CDL Logistics each SKU has a separate dedicated storage location and this helps us to be able to have a swift and organized process. CDL Logistics has its built its own WMS (Warehouse Management System) that directly connects your business to our warehouse. The company will be able to see what inventory that have available and whether or not they need to restock a product.  


The next step would be picking. This refers to the warehouse receiving an order and then finding the product in our warehouse. Once an order is placed it is sent to the warehouse. The system generates a picking list and our team at the warehouse starts to acquire the items.


When all the picking is done, we then start the packing process. At CDL Logistics we choose the best packing materials to make sure that your products stay secure. We provide standard brown boxes, but if needed you can have custom packaging. This is great to use if you want to make a lasting impression with your customers. 


The next step is shipping. We work closely with carriers to make sure that our clients are receiving the most affordable pricing with the delivery option they have chosen. The carriers come and pick up the goods straight from our fulfillment center to your customers door. Once the order ships there will be a tracking number associated with the shipment for easy access to track your package. 

At CDL Logistics we take pride in the fact that we run an efficient process to make sure that your products are received by your customers in a timely manner.

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