Body Measurement Technology to Change E-Commerce Sales

Body Measurement Technology to Change E-Commerce Sales

In the last couple of years, the retail stores have shifted to mostly online, which resulted in e-commerce sales to skyrocket. However, the amount of returns that are from online shopping has also increased over the years. The retail industry has the highest return rate. 

The solution to this ongoing trend of returns is body measurement technology. This new technology is emerging in the retail market and it will have a huge impact on the way consumers purchase clothing online. Body measurement scanning just takes a couple of minutes and all you need is a smartphone. There is no added software needed.

According to a recent article from the Goldman Sachs Research Division returns are about thirty percent of the orders online and body scanning should cut down the amount of returns. This should give the companies a smoother and profitable outcome. In the online retail business knowing that every company has different sizing it is hard for a customer to be sure they are clicking on the right size that will fit their body. 

Product return rates could decline as the accuracy of these camera-based solutions improves and retailers leverage the data to create better fitting garments. Lower return rates also mean reduced costs and lower carbon emissions for retailers with fewer returned items to ship. Body measurements are calculated with a couple of pictures of the customer to determine their exact measurements. There is the convenience of being able to use the pictures on your smartphone and know the exact size of a shirt or jeans without guessing. The customer the capability to customize their outfit without that extra fee.

The 3D full body scan is able to measure the circumference and length of each body part from a picture and that gives you an accurate sizing for that company. This is a huge technological advancement for the online retailers. There are a lot of apps that are following this trend and consumers are absolutely loving it.  This will drive online sales to increase even more, while brick and mortar sales will keep decreasing. The technology could have the potential to raise profit margins for companies.

Full body measurement technology will dramatically affect the way customers buy online, not just in the retail industry. This concept could impact other industries as well. This 3D body scanning will be able to be used in different markets, such as health and wellness industry.