Self Driving Deliveries

Self Driving Deliveries

With technology booming in the supply chain industry there are a lot more changes that will be happening. Recently in Virginia they have been testing self driving trucks. While the trucks are not totally by themselves when making these trips; they still have engineers behind the scenes to make sure everything is running smoothly.  This process is still under supervision. Many major companies have taken a look into applying this. With tons of research in the technology aspect of it companies have said that this will be the most successful way to transport goods. Specifically with Walmart there has been an increase in online sales, which have prepared the company to adapt to their demands. 

How it affects logistics?

With programmed self driving there are multiple ways that this could be beneficial in the logistics world. That could extend the amount of goods that could be delivered to customers and/or businesses. This could be able to cut costs and become more efficient. There would be no stops and the trucks would be driving 24/7. With smoother delivery and pickup times this could create more demand. 


Automation has been helping through all operations in any logistics field. This kind of automation it has to ensure that safety is the number one priority. This could drive different kinds of jobs through the technology that is needed to make this operation become a reality. Many companies have started programming a design to be able to test out the truck on the road. 

As previously mentioned this could increase the amount of goods that are delivered in a day, week, or month. This will drive businesses to increase their profits. With non stop travel this it can guarantee more deliveries within a time frame. 

Also, there would be less stress on the drivers and wouldn’t have to worry too much about them getting tired during their long drives. Safety for the drivers are the main concern and surprisingly there are a lot of accidents that happen while driving these trucks. It is the hope that this will cut down drastically. 

Thinking from a business perspective there are going to be a lot more opportunities for companies to expand their routes and have their delivery be faster. The industry will be saving thousands annually from this transition. According to an article on cerasis, “Analysts at Bernstein estimate that autonomous trucks could deliver gross annual savings of $300 billion in the U.S.”