Sustainability & Values

Sustainability & Values

Consumers are being more environmentally friendly with all purchases they are making. Also, with most purchases being mainly online it forces business to become more conscious of the environment. With this being said, more and more businesses are appealing their shipping methods to consumers who are focused on becoming more green. It is becoming crucial to make more shipping options available to the customers. Here at CDL Logistics we care about how we can help the environment and thrive by meeting customers expectations.

With the holidays approaching it has become very important to be mindful of the packaging that is done. There are billions of packages being shipped throughout the United States. This being said there will be increasing sales every year during this season. There should be an enticing feature that helps consumers want to reuse the boxes. For example, Target has made designs on the boxes that appeals to their consumers. This to encourage the buyer to transform their boxes to race cars or other objects instead of throwing it in the garbage. 

According to a Goldman Sachs article, “15 to 20% of all consumer goods sold via the internet today, the need for packaging to deliver goods quickly and cheaply is increasing as the global focus on sustainability gain momentum.” It is also said that it is easier to have the consumer choose which option they want, whether it be the option with the recycled materials or not. 

In today’s society more people are inclined to choose the ‘greener’ option even though the price is higher. Within the next couple of years there should be a shift in the materials used to ship goods. Companies, as well as, consumers will be more aware of what the environment needs in order to have a greener lifestyle.

The younger generation is more concerned on how fast they can receive the product rather than the price. Young consumers are more loyal to companies that share the same values as them and this is one way that companies can show it. 

Consumers take into account their values and beliefs when purchasing in today’s society. With making decisions with this in mind first makes their purchases rely on trusting the brand. This influences consumers buying habits drastically.